What the hell are we doing And why are we doing it?

I will do my best to answer the basic questions that most of you may have.


Q: Why does Studio News Network exist?

A: We seek to change the current Status Quo that allows a double-standards for those wearing badges and the government elite.


Q: How do I become a member?

A: We are currently reviewing options for members including advice and coaching which will help enable you to both know your rights and use them in court, you can find more information here.


Q: How are we funded?

A: Like most websites, via advertising revenue. We hope to expand this to include membership and a store with proceeds going towards hiring a staff.
Q: Do you hate cops?

A: No, we feel that there is a need for law enforcement but that the current system is broken.  Accountability is possible through both far-reaching reform and local reforms.


Q: How can Studio News Network help you?

A: The first step is to educate the public and including the police on our rights.  All parties concerned have been misinformed as to the application and implementation of court rulings and our constitutional bill of rights each of us enjoys.


Q: How can Studio News Network make a difference?

    • A: As stated earlier through reforms not limited to the following:
      1.  All Police engaged in contact with the public should be outfitted with a body-cam.  In actions taken without footage.  Any actions taken by the officer without footage should be considered non-police sanctioned actions and be accountable under the full weight of the law that any citizen would be subject to.
      2. Without body-cam footage, there should be an assumption of guilt and would be treated accordingly.
      3. Public review board to examine any complaints against the police not limited to the body-cam footing.
      4. Granting the review board the ability to bring grand jury charges against the police.
      5. Limiting the government to crimes being and actual crime, not a statute.  There would have to be a party damaged.
      6. Discontinuation of the practice of a city’s using police as revenue generators.
      7. Return of our right to travel.  Traffic stops should only be conducted if there is a clear and present danger to the public from a driver.

Q: How can Studio News Network succeed in its mission?

A: By using the Internet and the power of the Internet to make changes.  Emails and phone calls to public officials are within our rights to fee speech.  We feel that voice needs to be coordinated through a site such as ours to make thousands of voices heard.  All at once.  

A demonstration on the streets is disruptive but gets noticed.  We can do the same through the Internet with the tools at our disposal.  What’s more, is that it can be done anonymously.  See here for more information.


Q: How can I become a part of these changes?

A: At this point make sure to subscribe, donate or become a member.


Q: what are some of the ways we can make a change

  1. Stop the federal funding of prisons and jails.  This creates a conflict of interest since the city and state make money on those jailed.  Imprisonment should place a financial burden on the city as such a burden would discourage the conflict of interest between making money and losing money.