Register Nick Name How To

Registering your nick name is easy!

  1. In order to keep track of nick names on our server we use a service called nickserv. Nickserv is a bot that you may issue commands to. 
  2. To use nickserv just send it a private message.  Type: /msg nickserv help
  3. This is the help command and tells you a little more about what you can use nickserv for and commands that exist for it.
  4. To register your nickname type /msg nickserv register “password” “email”
  5. An example is if Bob were to register his nickname, with a password of “bobpass” and an email of [email protected], this is what he would type” /msg nickserv register bobpass [email protected]
  6. To log in, just type /msg nickserv identify “your password”
  7. Please use the email that you signed up for our subscription with and don’t loose your password.  If you have forgotten your password please send SidSoy a message in chat or email us!