Mueller’s New Star Witness, George Nader, Revealed As Bill Clinton’s Secret Beach Buddy

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All Mueller roads lead back to a Clinton. Bill has an odd relationship with George Nader, a last hope to make Russia or Middle East ‘collusion’ dreams come true. Bill’s beach blanket bingo…..


Robert Mueller’s turning over every rock to try to find something, anything he can use to frame President Trump and in the process some extremely unsavory swamp creatures are crawling out. One of them, George Nader, is now one of his “star witnesses.” That star may be fading quickly.

The Lebanese-American Nader is reportedly an adviser to the United Arab Emirates who brokered a meeting between Blackwater founder Erik Prince and a Russian, Kirill Dmitriev. Prince says the meeting had nothing to do with President Trump, but Nader is claiming otherwise.

Nader was apprehended upon his return to the US by the FBI at Dulles Airport and served with search warrants. We already know the lengths the Obama private security service masquerading as the FBI was willing to go to in order to get information damaging to President Trump, to the point of falsifying evidence in the case of the Carter Page FISA warrant. Putting a little heat on this international sleaze ball to stretch the truth a bit would be in line with their Obama era standard political operating procedures.

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But this guy might be dirtier than Mueller knew or expected to come to light. Photographs of Nader on a private beach getaway, with Bill Clinton’s arms lovingly draped around his neck have now surfaced. True Pundit published the photos, reproduced here, and they say there are many more to come.

BUSTED: Mueller’s New Star Witness Against Trump Caught Partying at Exclusive Island Resort with Bill Clinton

George Nader is next to Pervy Bill on his left

Nader certainly doesn’t appear to be the most objective, reliable witness to be trusted as a source declaring the purpose of a political opponent’s meeting and the content of their conversations. In fact, he looks like the kind of guy that could be bought and who would lie for political attention or favors. If Erik Prince said he wasn’t trying to set up a Trump back channel to Russia and this guy is the evidence that they were, Prince wins that debate hands down. Mueller’s looking desperate.

And even so, this meeting took place after the election, Mueller is supposed to be looking at “collusion” during the campaign. The Prince meeting the Seychelles happened in early January of 2017, just prior to the inauguration.

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And there’s another aspect of the Nader story that also potentially has a Bill Clinton component. We all know how fond Bill Clinton was of traveling aboard Jeffrey Epstein’s Lolita Express to a private, secluded Caribbean island. Underage sex was reportedly among the attractions and the reason for the suggestive name.

As it turns out, according to the Intercept, Nader was busted in 1985 after receiving a package that included both a film of young boys engaged in sexual acts and pictures of naked boys. Similar material was found in a room that Nader rented in a Washington home but the evidence was later ruled inadmissible and the case was dismissed.

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That’s Nader under Clinton’s left (beer) arm.

Was there a deal made in exchange for having the evidence tossed and his testimony against President Trump is the fulfillment of Nader’s obligation from decades before? Is he being paid or is he just helping his establishment cronies in the customary manner?

One thing is certain, this scumbag is no disinterested third party. He’s a Clinton insider. Everybody involved in the “Get Trump” witch hunt eventually shows a link to the Clintons. Usually it isn’t in the form of bromance beach photos. Mueller’s getting desperate and he’s increasingly discrediting himself.

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  1. He’s obviously a Clinton cronie paying his dues. Mueller is just showing more and more how desperate he is to make this thing stick to Trump because If he doesnt there will be hell to pay from the Clinton Cartel.

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