Cops Intentionally Cause Traffic Jam to Catch Bikers Splitting Lanes: YouTube Video

NEW YORK, NY — Is the NYPD desperate for cash, or are they just recklessly stealing from people because they know they can get away with it?

That’s a question many are asking this week after footage appeared on YouTube showing police ticketing several bikers.

The narrator of the YouTube clip claims that the police actually shut down the entire highway for the sole purpose of catching bikers driving in between lanes.

No longer content with old-fashioned speed traps, cops are now evidently engineering the sufficient conditions to ticket people for minor infractions.

Several unsuspecting bikers can be seen in the video being pulled over.

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As cops demand their license and registration, the video shows the rest of the traffic on the highway at a complete stop.

Not only were the bikers stolen from for a victimless activity, but the motorists were stopped too, losing valuable time on their way to work.

Judging by what the narrator of the clip says, this appears to be one of the most epic parasitic wealth-extractions in recent memory.

These cops will, no doubt, be the same ones expressing confusion as to why Americans don’t like them — well, it’s situations like this. This is why nobody likes them.

What you have here, apparently, is peaceful, hard-working Americans being stopped in their tracks so that cops can generate revenue.

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Who were they protecting? Who were they serving?

Every ticket that is issued for a victimless activity is ultimately an act of theft. Police always say that they are “just doing their job to put food on their families’ tables” — meanwhile they are perfectly willing to take the food off of our tables in the form of tickets and fines for victimless activities.

If you stopped traffic and gave motorists pieces of paper that said they better pay you or else they will eventually be restrained and locked in a cage, that would be called coercion and theft. If you do it while wearing a special government costume, it is called a “traffic stop.”

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