Body cams show Louisville police fire more than 20 shots, killing burglary suspect (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

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Body cam footage from three police officers involved in the shooting of a burglary suspect in Louisville reveals the 21-year old perpetrator was shot more than 20 times by three officers and a detective.

Demonjhea Jordan of Jeffersonville, Indiana, died Tuesday from multiple gunshot wounds at the University of Louisville Hospital after he was shot by police.

The Louisville Metro Police Department (LMPD) released graphic footage from body cameras worn by the officers involved that shows a brief pursuit of the suspect before he is knocked to the ground by gunfire and surrounded by police.

All three, plus a detective who was not wearing a body camera, fired their weapons at the suspect in the videos.

In one of the clips, an officer that was driving towards the scene can be seen taking both hands off the wheel and shooting his weapon five times through his squad car’s windshield.

In another clip, an officer rapidly shoots at the suspect as he walks towards him, causing Jordan to fall to the ground.

While police are gathered around the wounded man, one officer asks where he has been shot, to which another officer responds “everywhere, in the front, the back, arms.”

Officers were responding to reports of an armed suspect fleeing from the scene of a robbery at the time of the altercation. A spokesperson for the police department told The Courier-Journal that Jordan also fired his weapon, citing “multiple sources of information.” The footage does not show the suspect open fire, but a gun can be seen on the ground next to him after he is shot.

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During a press conference on Wednesday, LMPD Chief Steve Conrad defended the officers’ use of deadly force, based on the preliminary investigation. It was also confirmed that, despite the concerns of one officer in the footage, no officers were shot in the incident.

The department’s public integrity unit is investigating the shooting, and those involved have been placed on administrative reassignment during the investigation.

Following the press conference, Jordan’s mother, Natalie Malone, questioned why so many gunshots were fired. “They had to gun him down, why so many gunshots?” Malone asked. “Then on top of that you’re going to handcuff him?”

Louisville has seen a spate of police shootings in recent weeks. Conrad has admitted that the number of occurrences is “more than normal.”

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The day after the shooting, Louisville police fatally shot another man. Isaac Jackson, 42, was shot multiple times after he allegedly started a fire and threw a knife at a Louisville Metro Police officer after they responded to a family disturbance.

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