WATCH: Off-Duty Newark Officer Arrested For Firing Gun From His Pickup Truck

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NEWARK, Ohio – A Newark police officer was arrested over the weekend, accused of discharging his firearm from his pickup truck.

Authorities say they got called to Surrey Drive and found shell casings. Officers say they were also near North 21st Street and State Route 16, where they heard more shots, and saw a pickup truck matching the description witnesses gave them earlier.

Authorities say officers stopped the truck and recognized the driver as Newark Police officer Todd Brunton. Inside his car, they found a gun which appeared to have been recently fired. They also say the casings found on the scene matched the gun. Authorities arrested officer Brunton on the spot. Mary, who didn’t want to give her last name, said she knows officer Brunton and finds this shocking.

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“I was sick. I just, it’s still unbelievable cause that’s not Todd,” said Mary.

Just last year, the Newark Police Department posted on their Facebook page a fundraiser for officer Brunton to help raise money for his family after he was diagnosed with a non-curable form of leukemia.

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