WATCH: IMPD Officer Arrested Following Computer Tampering Investigation

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INDIANAPOLIS – Termination has been recommended for a 10-year veteran member of the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department.

According to IMPD, an investigation into computer tampering allegations against 31-year-old Francisco Olmos began in November 2015. Police say it was due to his off-duty activity at a death investigation crime scene.

The Marion County Prosecutor’s Office says on Nov. 2, 2015, an 18-year-old female committed suicide and had known Olmos for nine months.

Olmos is accused of accessing the woman’s phone and deleting messages between himself and the suicide victim.

However, it was because of the lack in advancement in technology that detectives were not able to forensically examine the cellphone recovered at the crime scene until August 2017.

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The findings of the investigation were turned over to IMPD Chief Bryan Roach, who immediately suspended Olmos without pay and suggested termination from the force.

In addition to IMPD’s recommendation, Olmos is charged with obstruction of justice and computer trespass.

Olmos has been with IMPD since October 2007.

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