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A Baltimore police officer who was caught on surveillance video beating a man by repeatedly punching him in the face pleaded guilty to second-degree assault today, receiving a five-year prison sentence.

However, the judge suspended all but six months of the sentence.

But who would ever think a cop would spend a single day behind bars?

Certainly not Vincent Cosom, who claimed in his police report that he was only defending himself against Kollin Truss who struck him in the body.

However, the video shows Truss was trying to walk away from him and never once struck him.

The incident took place on June 14, 2014, but the city surveillance video did not surface until three months later when the victim’s lawyer obtained the footage.

Charges against Truss were dismissed as the video turned into a national story.

According to a New York Daily News from September 17, 2014:

The police report of the incident said Truss was loitering outside Charm City liquor store and appeared intoxicated, WJLA reported. He yelled an obscenity at Cosom when he was told to leave, the police report said.

Cosom said he moved in to make an arrest after he witnessed Truss push his girlfriend three times.

“At this time I went to place the male under arrest,” Cosom’s report states.

“He got into a fighting stance and clenched his fist. Me and the male got into a physical altercation due to me being in fear of my safety and I received a punch to the body.”

Truss was charged with assault, but the video tells a different story.

Cosom was initially charged with perjury along with assault because he had lied in his report, but that charge apparently disappeared as part of the plea deal. His lawyer said the beating was “simply a lapse in judgment,” according to the Baltimore Sun.

Two other cops who on the scene who backed up his claims were not charged, but their actions were “under review.”

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Commentary by Jon Masters,

Raw and Uncut video,

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3 thoughts on “Police Officer Will Serve Six Months for Beating Caught on Video

  • Michael B Smith

    Jon is absolutely right these types of videos no matter how old or even after the fact need to be seen by as many people (both USA and Canada) to show that filming these kinds of incidents are starting to make a difference in the outcome of the court cases, the proof is here in this story, even if he’s only going to serve six months but it’s a start at least, they need to be held accountable for their actions as much as the regular public.

  • Tammy Huennerkopf

    Sickening he didn’t receive what other people would get. Thank goodness he got something. Hopefully a bad reputation as well.