Is This What Happens ‘When Steroids and a Badge Mix’?

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By now you’ve probably heard the theory that Deputy Ben Fields was on steroids – “roid raging” – when he attacked a teenage girl in her math class. Far from a polemic attack, Fields is well known for his heavy lifting at his local South Carolina gym. While no one is going to be able to confirm his steroid use, we did speak with some people who have given us insight into the deputy’s probable abuse of regulate hormones.

A while ago that we were contacted by a member of law enforcement within the Beavercreek Police Department in Ohio. Beavercreek was where John Crawford had been gunned down. Amidst protests and marches – demanding “Justice for John Crawford” – a member of our journalism team put us in touch with a local contact who works within the department. You can read all about that here.

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That source also had something to say about steroid abuse in local Ohio departments. “Everyone’s on it,” we were told. “Everyone you see who seems a little too aggressive, and is in good shape – they’re using.”

We inquired about the source of the gear, “is this stolen out of the evidence locker, or something?”

“It can be in some departments,” they informed us. “But here, if someone is using, they probably just buy from the same connections that everyone else does. But if we’re talking about a detective or someone who can get away with it, it could be” from the evidence locker.

We checked back in today with this source and asked about Deputy Fields. “Do you think he was using?”

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“There’s no question,” our source commented. “He exhibits all the signs of someone who not only juices, but probably uses way more than he needs to.”

“So you would call him a steroid abuser?” we asked.

“In my personal opinion, he displays all of the signs of steroid abuse,” was the answer we received.

What do you think? Watch the video below and tell us whether this level of aggression seems warranted or even sane for someone who had not been attacked.

Does steroid abuse explain it? Clearly there are many people who use regulated hormones like steroids, and they manage not to attack innocent, unarmed, non-aggressive people.

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“This is what happens when steroids, racism and a badge mix,” our source concluded. Do you agree?

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  1. What did this teenage high school girl do that provoked him in enraged him so f****** bad that he acted a damn fool and brutally attacked this f****** chick like I don’t get it because she’s just sitting there

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