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Please note according to law it is not illegal to own a cell jammer just to use it.  Myself if I had a gang of cops outside my door on my property without a warrent I would not hesitate to use a jammer as passive defense.

The FCC states. We remind and warn consumers that it is a violation of federal law to use a cell jammer or similar devices that intentionally block, jam, or interfere with authorized radio communications such as cell phones, police radar, GPS, and Wi-Fi. Despite some marketers’ claims, consumers cannot legally use jammers within the United States, nor can retailers lawfully sell them.

News Release: FCC Enforcement Bureau Steps Up Education and Enforcement Efforts Against Cellphone and GPS Jamming. [Word | PDF]

Advisory: Retailers Advised that the Marketing or Sale of Devices Designed to Block, Jam, or Interfere with Authorized Radio Communications Is Strictly Prohibited in the U.S. Enforcement Bureau Takes Action Against the Retail Sale of Jammers. [Word | PDF]

Advisory: CONSUMERS BEWARE: It is Unlawful to Use “Cell Jammers” and Other Equipment that Blocks, Jams, or Interferes with Authorized Radio Communications in the U.S. [Word | PDF]

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Take back control of your police encounter

Cell 411

Excellent app that will allow you to stream directly to the internet.  Has the ability for those within your group to watch live your police encounter.  See review here : cell 411

Good scanner app so you can know what the police know when you have a police encounter.  see review here : review

You can also check out  broadcastify.com

Yes, police scanners are legal to own and operate in the US. Airwaves in the U.S. are public property and information sent over them does not presume privacy which was established in the 1934 Communications Act. Some radio bands are blocked on scanners such as cell phone and some military bands where privacy is presumed, but all other frequencies are considered public. For an understanding of radio bands in the US and how they work please read Key Police Scanner Concepts & Overview.

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People use police scanners for all kinds of reasons. It helps some stay up to date on crime in the area while others use it for entertainment. In this quick list, we’ll round up the best police scanner apps for Android. Before we begin, it’s important to note that having and using a police scanner is illegal in some places so be sure to check your local laws before downloading any of these so you don’t get yourself into trouble.


My video goes more into detail on when and how you can use one when stopped by the police.

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SnoopSnitch can detect Stingrays, and its founders want to create maps that track where they are abused.

​Are the police tracking you with a fake cell phone tower? Maybe! Probably, even. But, until now, there was absolutely no way of knowing if your phone was automatically connecting to a so-called "Stingray" or other location tracker. Finally, there's an app that is supposedly able to detect the tools police use to track people en masse.

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