Uncensored News Has Been Permanently Banned From Reddit

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Reddit (up until recently) has been a place for likeminded people to come together and share everything from cooking tips, to memes, to controversial political beliefs. But ever since the SJW’s with no other ambition but to crush the right, gained the power to patrol and remove all things considered “racist,” the right has been struggling to find platforms that actually allow them to practice free speech.

Just moments ago the Subreddit r/uncensorednews got the permanent boot from Reddit. Although no official statement has been released, the reason behind the ban is likely due to the fact that most participants promoted race realism, criticised the SJW’s and Antifa, and didn’t hold back when it came to discussions on how to legitimately make America (and the Western World for that matter) great again.

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All of this falls under the protection of the first amendment. We have the right to speak our minds, regardless of who may disagree. But is freedom of speech even apart of our constitution anymore? At this point, this isn’t a sarcastic question to ask. All of the red tape used, to be still able to say, “you have free speech, but we can take it away if we want to.” is a bullying tactic and good grounds for questioning one’s integrity.

But uncensored news hasn’t been the only subreddit effected; this past January, we also saw White Rights face the ban hammer by the reasoning of “proliferation of violent content.” Meanwhile, pro-black subreddits that promote violence in the name of justice are still functioning and growing in numbers. So, I guess whites don’t have rights?

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Will Uncensored News return to Reddit? Probably not. If we’ve learned anything from the past, it’s that appeals do nothing to resolve the situation. We as politically right-leaning individuals will probably have better luck on Gab; one of the only platforms that actually allows you say what’s on your mind without sending men in blacks suits to lock you up.

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