Things Coming out About Dossier and FISA Abuse Are Unbelievable

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FOX News host Sean Hannity tonight invited Freedom Caucus Chairman Mark Meadows, Rep. Jim Jordan and Circa News reporter Sara Carter on to discuss the latest breaking news that the intelligence community used the phony Russia dossier to spy on the Trump campaign.

Sean Hannity told his audience he spoke with three separate sources who told him the phony Trump dossier was used to obtain the FISA warrant to spy on Donald Trump.

The only item that was verified from the phony dossier was that Carter Page traveled to Moscow.

Fusion GPS, the company behind the Hillary Clinton funded dossier, admitted they never verified a single detail from the dossier.

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Mark Meadows then dropped this bomb tonight.

Mark Meadows: Some of the things that will be coming out are so unbelievable that the FBI and DOJ would actually allow it to happen. And I would also say that there are other agencies… We are focusing in, honing in on that target.


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