Police release all body cam footage from White Oak racial slur incident

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The Maryland police department has released over 200 minutes of body camera footage in which a police officer was recorded using a racial slur while questioning and arresting a group of African-American men.

The incident that happened on May 9 generated a lot of interest on social media after a video showing the officer using the racial slur was streamed on Instagram. Local leaders demanded release of the body camera footage to put things in perspective.

The white female officer in question is clearly heard using the “N-word.” Acting chief of police Marcus Jones apologized for the language used by the officer saying “the language used in the video doesn’t meet their standards and was unprofessional. Jones was also quick to note that this was not racial profiling.

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In her defense, the female officer says that she heard one of the men use the word and was only “echoing” his words. In the exchange with one of the men the officer is heard saying the following “Y’all n***** been trying something?

The incident happened at the McDonalds at 11146 New Hampshire Ave. in White Oak. The acting chief said that this is one of the busiest locations for police in the area. He noted that in 2018, they received 192 calls for service in that area 57 of which were for trespassing. Up to June of this year, they have received 53 calls for service, 21 of which are for trespassing.

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There was cause to search the men

Jones took it upon himself to dispute some of the details going round especially on social media about the incident. He said some social media posts were alleging foul play on the part of the police saying they might have acted illegally in arresting these men who were customers at McDonalds and waiting to be taken to work.

First, Jones stated that none of the men was a customer at McDonalds as video evidence shows none of them ordered for anything. He further stated that a police officer detected the smell of marijuana on two of the men and therefore the police had probable cause for arrest. This is also the reason why these men were searched.

The four men were given citations for trespassing while two were cited for possession of marijuana after the search was done. Over six police officers are seen at the scene but the four men are responsive and corporate with the police.

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People on social media were asking that the trespass notices given to the four men be rescinded but the store manager did not agree.

Montgomery County Council Express Concerns

The Montgomery county council sent a letter to the police in the aftermath of the event raising questions about police practices in the region. The 9 member council also expressed their concerns on alleged agreements between the police and some businesses in the region.

In a press conference when asked about the police morale, Jones said that some officers are disappointed by accusations from some members of the public and what he said some politicians in the region term as being “less than professional.”

The police department is now under very watchful eyes of the council, local leaders and the public with the hope that things will improve and i

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