Pennsylvania Special Election Mass Voter Fraud! Over 100,000 Non-Americans Registered To Vote In State

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While it went seemingly unreported by the corrupt mainstream Liberal media, a major scandal was recently uncovered that shed important light onto just what types of shady tactics Democrats have already begun using to ensure their continued success. With a recent lawsuit proving once and for all that at the same time those on the Left accuse Russia of undermining the integrity of our electoral process, they are in fact working around the clock to do just that. This new information revealing that Democrat’s have continued to use their positions in Government to help Non-Citizen’s illegally vote.

If you want a preview of what the Democratic Party is planning to try this fall during the 2018 midterms, look no farther than what they already pulled just recently in Pennsylvania. Where the states Liberal leadership attempted to hide from the public, the fact they registered over one hundred thousand Non-American’s to vote. This disgusting display of criminal political bias only coming to our attention thanks to the work of the Public Interest Legal Foundation. A group dedicated to preserving American election integrity and who has now filed a formal lawsuit against the Pennsylvania Department of State, for failing to publicly disclose the voter records for this shockingly large number of illegal’s who were allowed to vote.

The court case originated when the Pennsylvania Department of State refused the group’s request to examine documents related to Non-Citizen registered voters back last October. This was followed up by another formal request to inspect the relevant records, which was also denied. It’s worth noting that these requests were made in accordance with Section 8 of the National Voter Registration Act, which requires unrestricted physical inspection rights to all records related to voter list maintenance. To put this another way, the government of Pennsylvania ignored one aspect of federal law, so they could cover their tracks when it came to their clear violation of another part. Had they been merely willing to fess up to their actions the first time around, they could have easily avoided the public courtroom battle that now awaits them.

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We only now even know about these illegals voters thanks to the states own Department of Transportation. As when the department compared its list of Non-Citizen’s who they had issued driver’s licenses to, with the Department of State’s voter registration database they were shocked to realize that it revealed a minimum of 100,000 Non-American’s currently registered to vote in the state. All of these voters seemingly registered by the Pennsylvania government in direct violation of the National Voter Registration Act of 1993. For any who might think a hundred thousand isn’t a significant enough number to matter, consider the following. President Trump beat his opponent Hilary Clinton in 2016 by less than forty-five thousand votes in the state. So the number we are discussing, in this case, is more than double what decided the last Presidential election in Pennsylvania.

Since their fraud became exposed, state leaders have started to blame the whole issue on a “glitch” in the system, which allowed those with a Driver’s License to register to vote without question. The worst part by far, however, is that this “glitch” has existed and been known about by those in charge since the mid 1990’s. With the only actions taken to address the issue being done on a case by case basis when illegal voters chose to self-report their Non-Citizen status.

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Even now the full extent of the scandal remains shrouded in intentional mystery, as the Department of State has continued to refuse demands that it increase government transparency when it comes to voting registration. It’s this continued deliberate obstruction of justice that has led the Public Interest Legal Foundation to launch its lawsuit. With PILF President J. Christian Adams stating the following about their intent,

“For months, Pennsylvania bureaucrats have concealed facts about non-citizens registering and voting, that ends today. The PILF hopes to finally get answers about the true scale of non-citizen voting in Pennsylvania and assist lawmakers in crafting reforms that fix it.”

In the wake of the overwhelming national media attention being placed on tomorrow’s Pennsylvania 18th district special election, it seemed more important than ever that people be adequately informed as to just what type of behavior has been occurring in the state recently. So in the coming days when you hear a multitude of stories regarding the implications of tomorrow’s special election, do keep in mind that its entirely possible that the results were determined not by American’s, but by Non-Citizens allowed to vote under the most suspect of circumstances. If the Democrat’s come up big in Pennsylvania tomorrow, it will be more a result of their usual underhanded tricks, over any legitimate populist Blue Wave movement.

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Joe Biden Joins The Pennsylvania 18th Special Election Campaign Trail

While one might hope the lawsuit and it’s accompanying public exposure would mean the problem would soon be fixed and electoral fair play returned to the state. Likely sensing that the time was finally up for their plan to fill voting booths with Non-Americans, the Democratic machine has already moved onto other options to ensure that this swing state shifts Blue for the foreseeable future. With recently performed gerrymandering having redrawn the district map in a way that experts on both sides agree, is set to seriously hurt the GOP’s success rate come this fall.

It’s important to mention the fact this isn’t a problem unique to Pennsylvania either. With just last year over a thousand Non-Citizen’s being outed as registered to vote in New Jersey. In Texas as well, recent reports are showing that Non-American’s have begun voting in increasing numbers every election cycle. It’s beyond question at this point that we have a real problem on our hand here, which needs addressing. If the many Democrat’s so seemingly worked up about alleged election integrity would only start by fixing these obvious loopholes here at home, before they got concerned about far-fetched foreign interference, we would have a chance once again for genuinely fair and free Democratic elections here in America.

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