Julian Assange Explains Why a Deep State Coup D’etat Against POTUS Trump Would Doom Liberals

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As GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz warned in his House floor remarks this week, if Robert Mueller isn’t removed as Special Counsel, a coup d’etat will take place in the United States. The Left, hopeful to see Mueller take down President Trump and his closest associates, are vocally supporting members of the intelligence community against attacks from those who dismiss their assessment of Russia interfering in the 2016 presidential election. 

After President Trump told the press that he believes Russian President Putin’s assertion that no meddling took place, card-carrying liberals launched a #IBelieveourIC hashtag campaign.

It’s important to note that President Trump later cleared the air on the matter, explaining that he believes Putin thinks no meddling takes place, yet is siding with the CIA that an attempt was made.

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Brookings Institute fellow Benjamin Wittes tweeted, “hey hivemind: need a hashtag for this. I’m thinking 

Shortly after, The Intercept’s Glenn Greenwald had this to say about Wittes’ tweet:

“One of 2017’s worst tactics: one has to choose between supporting Trump or reversing the CIA/IC. Here, a 

favorite tries to spread an “

” hashtag: the people with a long history of murder, torture & lying to Americans. https://twitter.com/benjaminwittes

 WikiLeaks boss Julian Assange then chimed in with an explanation on why liberals are foolish to encourage a deep state coup d’etat against President Trump.

“The “liberal” embrace of the worst of U.S. statism is idiotic. If their dream of using FBI+CIA to take down Trump succeeds, they’ll have created president Pence, a cultural love of statism and a no-holds-barred CIA+FBI controlled by Pence, a GOP Congress & GOP courts. What then? asked Assange.

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