Why Hillary Clinton’s 2020 Comeback Is Ruined Forever

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In Hillary Clinton’s dreams, the former secretary of state is a decade younger and many of the errors from her failed 2016 presidential run has long been forgotten. Then what? She launches a third and final bid for the White House — and wins! There’s just one problem, a big one, actually — Former DNC boss Donna Brazile appears to have put the final nail in Clinton’s political coffin.

 Michael Goodwin of the New York Post writes that Brazile ended all hopes of Clinton running for president in 2020. In fact, she’s finished forever.

Goodwin writes on Brazile’s book “Hacks”:

I believe that is the ultimate point of the book: to clear the Democratic decks for desperately needed new leadership and messages.

It’s easier said than done because Clinton’s comeback plan is not as crazy as it sounds. Until a new challenger comes along to knock her off the party pedestal, she remains the default Democrat.

She cements her position by playing the role of entitled victim and winner of the 2016 popular vote. In her own book and interviews, she spies a vast conspiracy against her, from Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump to James Comey to misogynists and racists and deplorables everywhere.

Even Barack Obama, whose Justice Department saw no evil when it came to Clinton’s reprehensible self-dealing involving Bill Clinton’s speaking fees and donations to the Clinton Foundation,
is nonetheless the target of ­Hillary’s ire.

Yet Clinton is also looking forward, having started a new slush fund that could easily become a campaign super PAC. It’s called Onward Together, and she cited it in a volley of tweets where she claimed credit for the Democrats’ wins in the New Jersey and ­Virginia governors races.

Newly released excerpts from Brazile’s book reveal the Democrat operative felt like a “slave” over the poor treatment she experienced by the Clinton campaign. Brazile also attempted to replace Clinton after she fainted at a 9/11 memorial ceremony.

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Failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton fired back at Donna Brazile last Wednesday night in her appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers.

To no one’s surprise, Crooked Hillary denied any wrongdoing and blasted Brazile.

Seth Meyers asked Devil Hillary about Donna Brazile’s recent accusations that she took control over the DNC and rigged the primaries against Bernie Sanders.

“I didn’t know what she was referring to because as has now come out that just wasn’t the case,” Hillary said.

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