Former FBI Asst. Director: No Question Clinton Foundation is “Criminal Conspiracy” – “It’s Just a Giant Slush Fund”

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Former FBI assistant Director James K. Kallstrom went on Varney and Co. to discuss the continued witch hunt against President Donald Trump.

Kallstrom also went on to call the Clinton Foundation a “criminal conspiracy” and “giant slush fund.”


James Kallstrom: There’s no question the Clinton Foundation… is a criminal conspiracy. I mean I investigated the RICO Statute for years, and the FBI. I mean this puts our investigations of organized crime to shame from the standpoint it operated. I mean, its just a giant slushfund. You know…get a bunch of Gulfstream fives, fly around the world, and buy wedding gowns, pay for weddings. I mean the tiny little amount of money that goes to charity, and I even question if those are charities. It’s preposterous why the IRS has not come down upon them earlier is beyond me. But there’s no question that it is beyond a criminal conspiracy and all those other things… the uncovering of names, the Uranium One thing, and all this other stuff.

Via Varney and Co.:

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