Community Oversight Board denied public records by police

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NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) – The Community Oversight Board is saying Metro Police is withholding information from them.

According to the board, it requested reports for several current investigations but police are not giving them the reports. The board also said it has submitted several requests for public records; all of them have been denied. 

Police say they can not release the records because all the cases are pending.

“It’s terribly frustrating,” William Weeden of the Community Oversight Board said. “One of our responsibilities is to do a thorough investigation and we are unable to do a thorough investigation unless we have everything we need, one of those being police reports.”

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Police say requests from the oversight board go through the same review as requests from anyone else. Police also say there is no law in place that says the board must receive the records. 

Lastly, police say it takes time to complete a request because sensitive pieces of information need to be redacted. 

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