NYPD Cops Shoot a Man in His 50s, Suspected of Car Theft

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Cops in Bronx Shot the Man Twice as Bystander Filmed the Incident

Two officers of the NYPD critically injured man suspected of breaking into a car. The incident happened this Sunday eve in Highbridge neighborhood of Bronx, New York, when two cops approached a man standing next to a white BMW, holding keys in his hands. The situation quickly escalated, as can be seen in the video captured by a bystander, turning into a brawl.

The victim is believed to be in his 50s and was shot in the chest and the hip after being wrestled to the ground by officers from NYPD’s 44th precinct patrolling at West 166th street and Summit Avenue.

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NYPD Chief of Department Terence Monahan held a press conference later that evening saying that keys the man had weren’t for the white BMW, while car’s rear window was also shattered.

Chief Monahan repeatedly refers to the body cams worn by the officers in his press conference, though the footage from the cameras is as yet unreleased.

“I have a gun. (expletive) die!” the man can be heard saying on body camera video, according to Chief Monahan. One of the officers felt a gun pressed to his chest.

Chief Monahan talking to the media after the shooting

“I thought he was going to shoot me,” the officer can be heard saying to other cops on body camera video, Monahan added further.

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Monahan said the suspect was armed and carrying a semiautomatic 9mm gun. He was taken to the hospital immediately in serious condition but has reportedly stabilized at the time of writing this report.

The 9-mm semiautomatic recovered from the suspect

The two police officers involved were also treated for ringing to the ears. Monahan said, they were yet to interviewed by department officials

This incident comes at the heels of an Office of Inspector General – New York Police Department (OIG-NYPD) report which widely criticized the Department’s mechanism for dealing with complaints regarding abuse of authority, bias, and misconduct. Our analysis of the Report can be read here.

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  1. Unless I’m seeing things one of the Policeman had already the alleged offender on the ground before the shots were fired, the shouting following that seemed to be the benefit of their body cameras? When one the other policeman looked round being told they were being filmed, he still made no efforts to try to assist the man shot. Why? Even if he was trying to steal a car, shooting someone, not once, but twice!!

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