Update: #Charlottesville Car Terrorist Is Anti-Trump, Open Borders Druggie

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Editor’s Note:
The headline above, which has appeared in the Alt Right media, is virtually absent from the mainstream media after it was supposedly ‘confirmed’ that Joel Vangheluwe, an extreme left-wing ANTIFA radical, was taken into custody after the car attack in Charlottesville, Virginia.  It appears that this information was provided in error and may have been a purposefully planted red herring.
Joel Vangheluwe has since denied being the driver who plowed into the ANTIFA group. The following excerpt has been taken from another Alt Media site that has since issued a correction.  They also stated the following information which leads the public to believe that the involved law enforcement authorities are deliberately withholding the name of the individual responsible for this heinous car attack.  Why have they not released this important information?

“Neither Charlottesville Police Chief Al Thomas or Virginia Secretary of Public Safety Brian Moran have provided a name for the suspect who plowed into antifa and other leftist protesters in Charlottesville as they marched against the “Unite The Right” rally. The original report on a suspect has been retracted.”
(Source: UPDATE: #Charlottesville Driver Who Struck Crowd In Custody—Stay Tuned)


“Charlottesville Police have officially named James Alex Fields, Jr., 20, of Ohio as the suspected driver in an attack on a crowd of counter-protesters that killed one and injured 26 earlier today, NBC reported.”
(Source: Suspect Name, Mugshot Emerges In Charlottesville Car Attack That Killed 1, Injured 26)


James Alex Fields Jr.

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    James Alex Fields Jr. (born April 26, 1997) is a resident of Maumee, Ohio . He is registered to vote in Lucas County, Ohio and put his party affiliation as Republican.[1] [33] In addition, James is registered as the owner of a gray 2010 Dodge Challenger that ran into protesters at the Unite the Right rally.[2]  [32]  [29]


    Military Service

    An injured protester

    From August 18th to December 11th, 2015, James was listed as an Active Duty Service Member in the United States Army .[24]


    Unite the Right Rally

    Unite the Right was a rally that took place at noon on Saturday August 12th, 2017. The rally was self described as “pro-white” by its organizer, Jason Kessler, and its purpose is to protest the planned removal of a statue of confederate general Robert E. Lee from a park in Charlottesville, VA[3]


    Pictures on James’ Facebook

    A Pre-rally march took place the night before, on Friday night, where many people headed to protest the rally. Violence broke out amongst antifa members and the alt-right members of the march. [4]


    On the day of the rally, James can be alongside Vanguard America wearing their uniform and holding a shield with their logo (Vanguard America denies having any affiliation with him).[35] [34] Just minutes after its start, at noon, the police called the protest an unlawful gathering and attempted to disburse the white nationalists and counter protesters from a central location. [5]


    Car Incident

    The driver of the vehicle was arrested. At first, rumors went around naming Joel Vangheluwe as the culprit in the incident as people found the vehicle to be registered to his father, Jerome. Joel denied the claims, saying that he sold the Challenger and that he was at a wedding with his girlfriend. [10]  [29]  [32]


    People later tracked down the Challenger to be registered to James, he was arrested by police. [10]  [29]  [32]


    Taylor Lorenz , Tech reporter for The Hill , tweeted that police officers think that the person that ran people down was not malicious in intent and that the driver was scared. His car was being swarmed and some of them turned violent.[16] Lorenz was also punched in the face at the rally. [32]


    A 32-year-old woman, identified as Heather Heyer  died as a result of the incident. [29]  [32] Her death is being investigated as a homicide[29] [32]


    Another video of the incident from LiveLeak

    James was charged with one count of second degree murder , three counts of malicious wounding and one count of hit and run attended failure to stop with injury.[32]


    The Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Department of Justice stated that they would be opening an investigation into the deadly crash

    Source: https://everipedia.org/wiki/james-alex-fields-jr/#ixzz4pe7AGdHo



    Original posts below.

    Neither Charlottesville Police Chief Al Thomas or Virginia Secretary of Public Safety Brian Moran have provided a name for the suspect who plowed into antifa and other leftist protesters in Charlottesville as they marched against the “Unite The Right” rally. The original report on a suspect has been retracted.

    Using internet sleuthing we examined evidence suggesting 16-year-old Joel Vangeheluwe had driven the car in the fatal crash. Vangeheluwe vehemently denied on Facebook he was not the driver.


    Because police have not identified the suspect, We have retracted the article. We regret the error and apologizes to Joel Vangeheluwe and his family.

    Unlike the fake news media, the new media is nimble and responsible to its audience.

    Unlike the fake news media, the new media lives not by lies.

    Stay tuned for more.




    Original story below,

    Evidence indicates a left-winger mowed down antifa counter-protestors in Charlottesville, not a right-winger or white nationalist, GotNews can exclusively reveal.

    License plate searches of the 2010 Dodge Challenger that killed one and injured nearly 20 in Charlottesville found that the vehicle was registered to a Jerome Vangheluwe of Michigan.

    A Facebook crawl of his relatives reveals the car was in the possession of his son, Joel.

    “Nationalism is brainwash, we’ll always be separated until we come together, shit man the world and its people are beautiful. Not just American, pro world,” he wrote on July 4, 2015 on Facebook.

    You can see his posts by clicking here,

    Update: #Charlottesville Car Terrorist Is Anti-Trump, Open Borders Druggie

    Commentary by Jon Masters,

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