Atlanta suspends Black cop after brutal arrest caught on film (video)

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APD officers brutal arrest of suspect caught on tape (Photo Source: Screenshot Facebook/Black Lives Matter of Greater Atlanta)

The city of Atlanta Police Department has announced their decision to suspend a cop after a video emerged of him brutally assaulting a suspect. Not much is known at this time about the reason for the arrest but it was plain to see that the officer was unnecessarily abusive when handling the suspect.

The video was posted to the Facebook page of Black Lives Matter of Greater Atlanta along with the following: #BLACKLIVESMATTER Happening right now…this is how #AtlantaPolice treats black men, this man is not offering any resistance.

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“Black men aren’t safe in Atlanta. This is what I call a #BlueOnBlackCrime, as an organization, we stand against police brutality regardless the color of the officer. We now hereby DEMAND an internal investigation and will aggressively seek the immediate TERMINATION and expect CRIMINAL CHARGES to be filed against the officer in question.” – Sir Maejor President of Black Lives Matter of Greater Atlanta”

The Atlanta Police Department issued a statement which reads in part,”The officer involved in the use of force depicted in the video has been relieved of duty and is currently on administrative leave. Following the conclusion of the internal investigation, Chief Erika Shields will review the evidence therein to determine the appropriate disciplinary action, if any.”

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The video of the assault can be seen below:

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