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KANSAS CITY, KS – The mother of a man, who claims he’s innocent, says her son was targeted because she turned down sexual extortion by the lead detective in the case. Rosie McIntyre’s stunning allegations are already on file at the Wyandotte County Courthouse in her sworn affidavit: “I have […]

Retired Kansas City Detective Accused of Sex Abuse and Corruption   Recently updated !

When Miami SWAT Officer George Diaz fired eight shots into a moving car outside Club Space in 2011, his case should have been clear-cut for internal affairs investigators: Miami cops aren’t allowed to shoot into moving cars because they could cause an accident or hit innocent people inside the vehicle. […]

Miami PD Waits Six Years to Suspend Cop For Shooting ...   Recently updated !

  As the death toll continued to rise from the Las Vegas shooting, media outlets were quick to call it “the deadliest shooting in U.S. History.” However, that title was soon changed to “the deadliest shooting in modern U.S. History,” as tales of past mass shootings on American soil were […]

3 Mass Shootings Far Worse than Vegas the Gov’t Wants ...   Recently updated !

  In America, after every crisis, government reacts by stripping freedoms and rights to provide an illusion of security. This methodology is nothing new and, in fact, stems from the work of a 19th Century German philosopher Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, known as Hegelian dialectic. Hegelian dialectic usually presents itself in […]

It’s Already Begun - Police State Measures Coming After Vegas, ...   Recently updated !

Dong stands for Danish oil and natural gas. It was, like Shell and BP, involved in fossil fuel exploration and production. But in less than a decade it has become an 85% offshore wind company and is divesting its coal, oil and gas interests. By 2023, Dong Energy will be […]

Wind power is now cheaper than nuclear – the energy ...   Recently updated !

    Salt Lake City, UT — Earlier this year, the Free Thought Project reported on the Salt Lake City Police Department’s training program which taught officers de-escalation tactics and how that has prevented their officers from killing since 2015. However, at least one officer has forgotten that training and a […]

‘I’ll F**king Shoot You!’—Cop Shoots and Kills Man Running Away   Recently updated !

    The United States has a lot of laws. Too many laws, in fact. In various places in the country, it is illegal to transport water chestnut plants across state lines, receive a shipment of lobsters packed in clear plastic, fake a sick day at work, unknowingly link to […]

An Easier Way For Police to Track Your Cell Phone ...   Recently updated !

    Grand Rapids, MI — Dramatic body camera footage released this week shows a Grand Rapids Police Officer holding the muzzle of his AR-15 rifle to the head of an unarmed man who was subdued, in a seeming attempt to torment him. On Tuesday, after they investigated themselves, Kent […]

Cops Mistake Man for Suspect, Grind Muzzle of Rifle Into ...   Recently updated !

New York City police officer James Frascatore, who wrongfully tackled and arrested former star tennis player James Blake after mistaking him for a suspect in 2015, got off relatively easy: He wasn’t fired, despite a ruling that he used excessive force and having a history of excessive force complaints; instead, […]

NYPD Cop Who Wrongfully Arrested James Blake Is Now Suing ...   Recently updated !

Salt Lake County, Utah – Last week, West Valley City agreed to pay out $650,000 to settle two federal court cases filed amidst allegations of police misconduct and the controversial disbanding of the discredited Neighborhood Narcotics Unit several years ago. The city awarded half a million to Terry and Brandy […]

West Valley City Paid $650K to Settle Two Lawsuits Involving ...

Jared Taylor choked a man until he blacked out. Steven Brown fired a .38 Special during a confrontation with his fiancée. Tom Bernardson punched a man so viciously that he put him in the hospital with a concussion. All three were convicted in Minnesota courts. And all three still work […]

More Than 140 Minnesota Cops Are Still On The Job ...