George H. and George W. Bush Trash Trump in New Book=> Then Admit Neither One Voted for Him

George H. Bush trashes President Donald Trump in his new book.

Then he goes on to say he voted for criminal Hillary Clinton.

Stop embarrassing yourself, George.

George W. Bush then admits he voted for “none of the above” in the 2016 election.

Newsweek reported:

Both former President Bushes had choice words for current President Donald Trump in a new book scheduled to be published later this month, with the elder Bush reportedly calling the billionaire commander-in-chief a “blowhard” and flatly stating he does not “like” him.

Presidents George Bush and George W. Bush, the 41st and 43rd top executives respectively, spoke to author Mark K. Updegrove for the book “The Last Republicans.” It detailed the relationship between the father-and-son presidents and how they were fretful of what Trump had done to the Republican Party.

Furthermore, both ex-presidents admitted they did not vote for Trump. The elder Bush pulled the lever for Democrat Hillary Clinton while the younger told Updegrove he voted for “none of the above.”

Commentary by Jon Masters,

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