It Begins… Papa Johns Pulls NFL Ads Citing ‘Negative Consumer Sentiment’

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Several NFL stadiums were nearly empty post kick-off the past few weeks as the NFL National Anthem controversy rolled into week 9.

The Cleveland Browns stadium looked nearly empty before the kickoff against the Tennessee Titans.

 There is growing concern among NFL advertisers that this anti-American protest is affecting their sales.

Papa Johns recently warned the NFL their sales are down this year during NFL games.

On Wednesday Papa Johns told the NFL they were pulling ads from the games.

The consumer sentiment is too negative.

Via Bleacher Report:

Pizza chain Papa John’s announced Wednesday that it is pulling its advertising associated with the NFL, according to ESPN’s Darren Rovell.

Per Jonathan Maze of Nation’s Restaurant News, Papa John’s founder John Schnatter said sales are down due to “negative consumer sentiment” regarding the company’s relationship with the NFL.

Schnatter also called the NFL “an example of poor leadership,” according to Maze.

A constant topic of discussion during the 2017 NFL season has been players’ decision to protest during the national anthem.

Commentary by Jon Masters,

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  1. See, we have power to stop the blue lies matter mafia in their bloody tracks! When their crimes start affecting the bottom lines of the oligarchs, good shit happens for a Change! Cudos to Colin Capernick and all those who stand with him! Now we have a template to follow. Now just do it

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