WATCH: Jail Guard Pretends He’s a Cop, Holds Innocent People at Gunpoint, Cops Arrive, Arrest the Victim 3

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Fairbanks, AK — According to KTVF News 11 in Fairbanks, Alaska, an off-duty corrections officer may be in trouble with the law after video surfaced of him brandishing his firearm, forcing private citizens to the ground, and holding them against their will, all for allegedly driving too fast on 4-wheelers on the gravel road near his home.

Alaska Department of Corrections officer Gregory Braeuer accosted two men riding ATVs in his neighborhood and threatened their lives according to reports and the accompanying video.

Approaching the two men, Braeuer accused them of treating his road like a “racetrack” and then took hold of the lead man’s handlebars. The ATV’s owner, Devarge Walker, pushed back, telling the corrections officer, who’s not a police officer, to keep his hands off of his bike. Walker, who was still seated, had more than a few choice words for Braeuer who impeded his travel, took hold of his property, and accused him of driving recklessly.

But what happened next may very well lead to Braeurer getting fired, arrested and going to jail. The corrections officer retrieved his firearm from his truck as the argument had gotten heated, and returned demanding the two riders “get on the ground.” He even apparently flashed his corrections officer’s badge in an attempt to impersonate a real cop.

Braeuer tells Walker, “I got my badge, get on the fucking ground.”

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The whole incident, captured on video, could have turned deadly had the riders been armed and perceived Braeuer’s actions as life-threatening. Certainly, there was enough tension on the tiny rural street to conclude the man may have intended them harm.

After all, when he retrieved his firearm, he chambered a round, and, according to witnesses, pointed his gun at the ATV riders, then demanded they bow down to him and the power of his gun by getting down on the ground.

Alaska State Troopers were called to the scene. But instead of arresting Braeuer for brandishing a firearm, kidnapping two civilians, and assaulting the two men with a firearm, troopers arrested Walker and charged him with assault!

In what appears to be a clear case of blue privilege at work, officers sided with their fellow badge wearing buddy. They charged the other guy who was doing nothing more than riding his ATV when he was kidnapped and held at gun point by a deranged man who must apparently believe he has the same powers conferred to him as a police officer.

The incident has not gone unnoticed by the general public who, incredulously, believe the police arrested the wrong man. Several comments to the KTVF Facebook post were outraged citizens who believed not only should Braeuer have been charged, but the citizen would have been within his legal rights to have shot the corrections officer when he crossed the line and broke several laws in the process.

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They’re now calling on police to investigate the incident, arrest the right man, and drop charges against Walker who was apparently minding his own business.

According to the Alaska Department of Corrections, Corrections Officers do not have the authority to detain anyone outside of the correctional facility. They are also not authorized to carry firearms in the course of their duties, only as private citizens. Braeuer broke all these rules and yet he remains free.

The entire ordeal seems to be a case of neighbors not being able to get along. Gone are the days when neighbors could simply talk to one another without raising one’s voice, and work out their disagreements.

But more disturbingly is a culture where a man, who has no law enforcement privileges, can detain and force citizens to submit to his will at gunpoint. Worse still is the good ole boy network of badge wearing bullies who cover for one another when one so obviously steps out of line and breaks the law.

Mr. Walker’s charges should be dropped, an official apology issued in person by Braeuer.

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3 thoughts on “WATCH: Jail Guard Pretends He’s a Cop, Holds Innocent People at Gunpoint, Cops Arrive, Arrest the Victim

  • Ken

    It pisses me off that the Police and every other government agencies throwing citizens on the ground or demanding they get on the ground or be shot (murdered) (or slap a police car) when they really don’t have authority to do so. These government agencies are not dejure (real) government. All government agencies, no matter which agency, are private corporations listed on Dunn & Bradstreet as doing business for profit, every one of them. They are private corporations doing commerce under the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) and they must have your consent in one form or another. There are no criminal statutes (they are color of law civil codes - There are no criminal codes period) or codes that apply to a citizen without their consent. The United States Supreme Court has ruled several times over the years exactly that, that all statutes and codes are in fact a set of internal rules that apply only to government employees only and can’t be applied to a living human being without consent.

    The police have been trained to believe they can shoot and kill citizens if they refuse to follow orders to get on the ground when they don’t have to follow those orders. No citizen has to follow those orders just because the are told to do so. It is also important to understand that if they apply these civil codes to a citizen without consent they have no immunity and can be sued. All citizens are presumed to know the law, yet through the lawyers and corporations that create these contract laws hide the law from citizens. A citizen must deliberately seek out the law in order to learn, and then they make it difficult, ever try to purchase a law book, look how expensive they are.

    There are printable forms (in ms word) for denying consent, plus lots more information that will help citizens to understand the truth about government and the law. They are in a pdf version of a 70 page booklet called: “Lawfully Yours – The People’s Empowerment Guide to our Corporate-commercial Legal System (Ninth Edition)” on this link: This is a good website for information about truth, government, and corporations.

    There is another book in pdf. written by retired federal judge Dale available on: called: “The Great American Adventure – Secrets of America”. This is a good source for some truth about America that will both shock and wake you up. While on the website I recommend you read the “Aquarius Group Operations Briefing” document, read it all, but especially read pdf pages 46-47 if you are a marijuana user, or take pain medicine. These documents explain why there are so many cell towers in your neighborhood. All these things are true and can be verified with a little research.

    Another good source for a quick legal education is the state bar association where you live. I believe every bar association publishes law books called continuing legal education books (CLE’S) for lawyers, and cover every area of law in your state, they provide the court opinions and information on the state statutes, codes and administrative rules, plus constitutional law opinions, as well as United States Supreme Court decisions on the issues. An example of those CLE’S: “Constitutional Law” “Criminal Law” “Appeal & Review”, “Civil Litigation”, “Contract Law” “Uniform Jury Instructions” “Family Law” “Real Estate” You get the idea. They are very good books, expensive, but because they are for lawyers they are well done and worth every dime if you are trying to educate yourself on an area of law your interested in. I have been buying them since 1983, so I know how good they are if you need a legal education. They all contain forms, and some are form books. Expect to pay more than two hundred dollars per set, they are big books in two or three volume sets. It is always good to have more knowledge than they have in the laws they are using against you. Government (corporate) employees don’t know their own laws, they are trained to do as they are told, not in their laws. Wake up and learn the truth, educate yourself! I hope some one finds this information useful, I don’t like to feel I’m wasting time. That idiot in the video had no authority to do what he did and has no immunity, so I hope they sue the shit out of that guy. These people must be educated on the limits of their authority. They are murdering citizens while enforcing contract laws.

      • Ken

        You are welcome DP! I hope you’ll take the time to read some of the material I mentioned above. Usually its a waste of time to put out links and information for people to research, or educate themselves with, because so many have been programed their entire lives to not care, and to attack the messenger providing the information. I hear: “I would rather not know” until they are directly affected by these corporations impersonating governments. They enter into contracts without knowing they have a right to refuse to contract, of course they are never told they are contracting and have rights under contract law. Many of the government employees don’t even know its all contract law, and that people have a right to deny consent and refuse the contract offers. Every thing is an offer to contract, including traffic tickets.