Former Clinton Advisor Calls For Special Prosecutor to Investigate Hillary Over Uranium One Scandal

The Clinton machine is losing support in its fight against an avalanche of explosive accusations, ranging from rigging the 2016 Democrat primary to helping sell a sizable portion of the United States’ uranium supply to Russia.

Former Clinton advisor Doug Schoen is calling for a special prosecutor to investigate the failed presidential candidate’s role in the Uranium One scandal.

Mediaite reports:

Democratic pollster and former Clinton ally Doug Schoen believes the scandals surrounding Hillary Clinton warrant a special prosecutor.

In reaction to the Donna Brazile bombshell in which she alleged the DNC rigged the 2016 primary, Schoen, who worked for President Bill Clinton‘s ’96 campaign and Hillary Clinton’s ’08 campaign, claimed that the entire Democratic Party “stinks from the head down” and that everyone “has a stain on their hands.”

“And with this new revelation tonight emails that it probably involved gross negligence, it strengthens my call on that and others for a special prosecutor to look at that, [JamesComey, the gross negligence, to look at the email deal more generally, to look at Uranium One, the dossier, all of it,” Schoen declared. “Because at this point, what we know is getting more and more troubling. I say this as a loyal Democrat… This is not partisan. This is about preserving our democracy.”

As The Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft reported, sources confirmed to Fox News’ Sean Hannity last Friday evening that Attorney General Jeff Sessions has not recused himself from the Uranium One scandal.

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As Joe Hoft of The Gateway Pundit writes, the only thing stopping President Trump from investigating the Clintons is Attorney General Jeff Sessions.  Sessions recused himself from any investigations into Russia allowing a corrupt investigation into the President’s actions with Russia and/or any other dirt the investigators can come up with.  The investigation is not founded in US law, it’s a farce.  The investigators are biased, former Hillary and Obama team members and supporters and many, if not all, are involved with the Uranium One scandal.

Uranium One refers to the sale of 20% of US uranium to the Russians by the Obama Administration and his Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.  The Clintons made $146 million on the deal and no doubt Obama did too.  Sessions’ Assistant Attorney General, Rosenstein approved the Uranium One deal and then he hired Mueller to clean it up.  At the time the deal was approved there was a special FBI investigation ongoing into the deal and it was covered up until only a few weeks ago.  The Clintons know Uranium One was a big deal as reported in a leaked email from the Clinton campaign.

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Efforts to investigate Clinton’s role in the Uranium One deal were previously thwarted, according to Rep. Ron DeSantis.

Republican leadership blocked DeSantis and others from investigating the transaction.

The House Oversight Committee has since launched an investigation into the deal.

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 Fox News reports:

The House Oversight Committee has started its investigation into an Obama-era deal in which a Russian-backed company bought a uranium firm with mines in the U.S., Rep. Ron DeSantis told Fox News on Sunday, adding that he’s spoken with the federal government’s “confidential informant” on the matter.

[…]“I’ve spoken with the confidential informant that helped the FBI uncover this bribery scheme,” DeSantis, R-Fla., a member of the oversight committee, told “America’s News Headquarters.” “Clearly, it’s in the public’s interest that this individual be able to tell his story to Congress.”

At the end of the interview seen in the video above, DeSantis says something stunning. GOP leadership blocked him from investigating evidence from the Clinton-Uranium deal.

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Is there any hope left that the Justice Department will do the right thing and investigate Clinton Inc.?

Commentary by Jon Masters,

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  1. No reason to believe. Everybody is in up to their necks.
    Not in just this incident, but in the whole system, it’s rotten to the core. Everyone has dirt on their hands and skeletons in the closet. Let him who is without sin cast the first stone, then we’ll have broken glass everywhere.

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