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ABC Cancels The “Roseanne” Show

In the aftermath of last night’s bizarre meltdown by Roseanne Show star Roseanne Barr, in which she slammed everyone from Chelseal Clinton, to George Soros, to Chris Cillizza and Hillary Clinton, it was only a matter of […]

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UK’s Enormous Power in the Tommy Robinson Arrest Saga

Breitbart and a number of other outlets have been forced to take down their story about Tommy Robinson aka Stephen Lennon. He was arrested for “suspicion of breaching the peace”. On May 25th, Robinson was arrested outside […]

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Making Sense Of America’s Empire Of Chaos

Via, Mark Karlin: How much money has gone to the U.S. war on terror and what has been the impact of this expenditure? Tom Engelhardt: The best figure I’ve seen on this comes from the Watson […]