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Republicans Who Support Gun Confiscation Laws Imagine ‘Due Process’ That Does Not Exist on Paper or in Practice

Here is how the states with “red flag” laws fail to protect the constitutional rights of gun owners. JACOB SULLUM | 8.7.2019 12:55 PM (Sipa/Newscom) When President Donald Trump endorsed “red flag laws” on Monday, he described them as […]

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IRS Officer Tries To Arrest Cop

By Kaitlin DurbinThe Blade, Toledo, Ohio LUCAS COUNTY, Ohio — The Blade has obtained new bodycam footage from Toledo police of what happened after a security guard pulled his gun on a uniformed Lucas County sheriff’s deputy at the […]

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Man Opens Door, Cop Just Shoots Him.

Bodycam footage shows the moment a South Carolina deputy shot a man through the front door to his home in Simpsonville. A South Carolina homeowner awakened at midnight by loud banging on his front door […]