Axios: Steve Bannon Is ‘Railing Against the Lords of Silicon Valley’

In an article about the most prominent threats to Silicon Valley, Axios claimed Breitbart News Executive Chairman Steve Bannon “is railing against the ‘Lords of Silicon Valley.’”

“For months, a threat to big tech has been building from the top, with numerous senators and congressmen proposing to regulate or give anti-trust scrutiny to Google, Facebook and Amazon,” Axios declared. “But now figures of both major parties say the unhappiness with the companies is also bubbling up from the bottom. The threat is dual, we are told: against the companies and the Washington establishment.”

“From the Trump base, Steve Bannon is railing against the ‘Lords of Silicon Valley,’ and advocating the regulation of the big tech companies as public utilities,” they continued. “The appeal resonates with rank-and-file Republicans, who broadly believe that Facebook and Google ‘have it out for them,’ a Bannon ally tells Axios. ‘They feel Facebook is weaponized against conservatives.’”

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The unnamed “ally” of Bannon added, “It will be a political issue on the right whether it’s two, four or six years from now.”

“Steve looks at Silicon Valley and says, ‘Today, corporate power is centered there,’” they claimed. “He is saying that these are the guys running our lives, keeping our data, our content, and our communications… Silicon Valley is the new Wall Street.”

On Monday, it was reported that Google, Facebook, and Twitter have been spending millions of dollars lobbying Congress following an increased threat of regulation.

According to CNBC, “Google spent $4.17 million lobbying Congress this most recent quarter,” while, “Facebook spent $2.85 million,” and “Twitter spent $120,000.”

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This week, the CEO of a popular advertising company called Google a “dictator” in the ad market, while a Vice News report announced Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s plans to “influence American politics for generations to come.”

PragerU also announced their lawsuit against YouTube and its parent company Google this week over alleged censorship of conservatives on the platform.

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