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  If You are Facing Charges
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The following is not intended to substitute for competent legal assistance, nor is it to be construed as specific legal advice. However, we offer some observations which may be of general interest.

  If You are Called for Jury Duty
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Look at jury service as an opportunity to “do good” for yourself and others. It’s your chance to help the justice system deliver justice, which is absolutely essential to a free society.

  Current State Constitutional Authority for Jury Veto
» 155.0 KiB - 4,362 hits - April 10, 2009
List and language on Jury Authority from State Constitutions…

  On the Grand Jury
» 169.8 KiB - 3,629 hits - April 10, 2009
Information on Grand Jury Service, the authority and duty of the Grand Juror…

  Juror Compensation by State
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ARIZONA ARKANSAS: A.C.A. � 16-31-106. Penalty for employees� service prohibited (A)(1) Any person who is summoned to serve on a jury duty shall not be …

  Juror’s Handbook
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Most of what you need to know about your verdict as your most powerful vote.