Jon Masters was born Jonathan Spiel in Tuscon Az with a love of art and painting. He became famous under his Pen name Jon Masters which is a common practice for celebrity’s, artists and performers. For most of his life, he has been a traveler going from city to city exercising his 1st amendment right selling his paintings.

Due to his youthful indiscretion, he was sent to prison for a nonviolent crime where he began to study the law. His travels were during a time when “busker” also known as street performers were harassed and jailed for excising their rights to free speech, needless to say, this was an excellent spur to master an understanding of our 1st amendment rights. That motivation resulted in Jon Masters winning cases in North Carolina, New Orleans, and St Louis by using supreme court rulings.

He’s now motivated to share what he has learned about our rights with others, so that we all may have the proper information to Know the Law and Know our rights.

Throughout my travels, as a street artist, I used to live out of my car as I could not afford hotels. That was when I discovered that the police, not only target blacks and minorities but also the poor in general. I believe it safe to say that in my travels I have been ticketed for no license, reg, or insurance in just about every state. Often they lead to an arrest or arrest for failure to appear. I would just leave said state. After all; if I couldn’t afford the license I sure as hell could not afford the fines, and if you don’t pay the fines you stay in jail.

There has been some question as to the veracity of my status as an ex-con. While it’s embarrassing, I want you all to know that this is a valid and honest claim. Therefore I will provide proof that this is not a youtube scam being made solely in order to entice views.

When I was in my mid-twenties (not exactly a smart age), I lost my son to my ex-girlfriend. I raised our two-year-old for the duration of his early life as she was more interested in her social life. I was missing my son so much I was desperate. The pain was too much to bear; either I commit suicide, or I would have to steal the money to hire an attorney to fight for him. Well, let’s just say I was not a very accomplished burglar. I didn’t make it more than a mile with my ill-gotten gains and was found guilty of theft and burglary.

I have the court records to prove I am a reformed prisoner, please note; I haven’t stolen so much as a candy bar since that time over 30 years ago, and the records will show multiple listing of the same offense depending on where they access the files.

I have been able to track down some of my old mug shots so we all can take a trip down memory lane and my discovery of what happens when you’re poor in America trying to exercise your right to free travel and free speech.

This is a great one. I was arrested for selling art without a license. Please note that in Sparks vs. White the Federal courts ruled that art is free speech and can be sold without diminishing the fact that it’s still free speech – freedom of expression.

This shot was after 16 hours in a holding cell. New Orleans is not known for being prompt in their bookings.


Honestly, I don’t remember. So many jails so little time. But I am pretty sure this was in Charleston when I got arrested for exercising my right to free speech. Please note I won that case and now buskers (street performers) can now exercise their First Amendment rights in South Carolina.

Jon Masters florida

Another good 24 hour booking time for failure to appear on traffic violations. Man, I forgot I had a warrant in that state, sigh.

When you start to get a few fines that you cannot pay it escalates because you now can’t get a license. More than likely I have gone almost 35 years without a license because I couldn’t get one. Suspended in one state and you’re suspended in all states.

me mug shot

One of the primary goals of this site is to expose injustice, to shine a cleansing, revealing light to help the public become better informed and enlightened in the understanding and defense of our inalienable constitutional rights as American citizens.

We are currently working on a civil case where suspending a license will become almost impossible since it inhibits one’s constitutional right to travel. A state may require a citizen to have a driver’s license to exercise their constitutional rights, but it has to pass constitutional muster – meaning it must be easy to attain, be affordable, and available to everyone.  Such will be the basis of this case.  We will follow the same methodology as the buskers (street performers) implemented in regaining their rights to free speech.