Jon Masters was born Jonathan Spiel in Tuscon Az with a love of art and painting. He became famous under his Pen name Jon Masters which is a common practice for celebrity’s, artists and performers. For most of his life, he has been a traveler going from city to city exercising his 1st amendment right selling his paintings.

Due to his youthful indiscretion, he was sent to prison for a nonviolent crime where he began to study the law. His travels were during a time when “busker” also known as street performers were harassed and jailed for excising their rights to free speech, needless to say, this was an excellent spur to master an understanding of our 1st amendment rights. That motivation resulted in Jon Masters winning cases in North Carolina, New Orleans, and St Louis by using supreme court rulings.

He’s now motivated to share what he has learned about our rights with others, so that we all may have the proper information to Know the Law and Know our rights.

Throughout my travels, as a street artist, I used to live out of my car as I could not afford hotels. That was when I discovered that the police, not only target blacks and minorities but also the poor in general. I believe it safe to say that in my travels I have been ticketed for no license, reg, or insurance in just about every state. Often they lead to an arrest or arrest for failure to appear. I would just leave said state. After all; if I couldn’t afford the license I sure as hell could not afford the fines, and if you don’t pay the fines you stay in jail.