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The mind must first see reality before it can conceive of a change.

The story of the Buskers (street performers) a message of hope

For years buskers were persecuted by the police from the unconstitutional laws passed by city's and government while engaging in what everyone knew was free speech.  The only purpose of the laws were to regulate the tourist and downtown areas regardless if they were engaged in constitutional free speech.

So convincing is this law, that the populace and even the citizens believed it was a valid law only because it was made by the government and they thought it made sense.

The Buskers had to fight back to regain their right because it was the only way for them to make money,  to put a roof over their heads and food on the table even in defiance of this law.

This law which all believed was valid and lawful was based on the premise that if you receive money in any form you are a vendor and as such need a vendors licence.

Because of the courage of the Buskers facing jail, fines and even beatings we now know that just because it is a law does not mean its legal and through the proper use of law we can regain our rights.

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